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Monday, April 26, 2010

Jepara: The Biggest Furniture Center in Indonesia

Jepara Furniture is now becomes internationally recognized as the strong brand represents the sovereign furniture industry in Indonesia. This place is the center of many exporters and manufacturers dealing with furniture trading around this globe.

The question is, how come this city become the center of Indonesian furniture industry? As the local people, I argue that this phenomenon is mainly influenced by the sufficient material supply, entrepreneurship skill from local people, and the most important thing is the big supply of workers from local people who have high skill on craftsmanship compared to other places around Indonesia.

However, how to retain this competitive advantage needs to be carefully counted by all stakeholders involved in this industry. One of the solutions is by initiating the production of furniture using recycled material such as reclaimed teak to sustain the forestry which supplies material for this industry.

Besides green campaign, retaining this industry needs the awareness from all stakeholders, especially manufacturers and exporters to obey the ethics on conducting business in this industry...., the Indonesia furniture industry.